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Why Clanwilliam?
Only 2 hours from Cape Town, Clanwilliam is one of the few destinations with so much on offer. Considered one of the country’s best skiing destinations, it is an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts and for people who simply want to get away from it all.
What areas are close to Clanwilliam?
Elands Bay – popular for surfing
Lamberts Bay – crayfish mecca of the West Coast
What is the weather like in Clanwilliam?
Clanwilliam is an all-year round destination, with hot summers and mild winters.
What is Clanwilliam famous for?
Clanwilliam is one of the ten oldest towns in the country and is situated in the heart of the Rooibos tea region
What are the attractions in Clanwilliam?
Skiing, fishing, swimming, wakeboarding, bird watching, hiking, off-road driving, rock art, wild flowers in spring
What makes Blue Waters a great investment?
It is well positioned, affording quick and easy access to the dam. The estate affords 24 hour security and has fantastic mountain and water views. The local municipality has also confirmed that the dam wall will be raised, thereby increasing the capacity of the dam and bringing the water closer to the development. Property and unit prices are realistic and affordable.
How big is the estate?
84 units in total.
Can you buy a plot only?
Certainly. However, you will be required to build within a 2 year period.
Who will be building my house?
An approved builder with a NHBRC rating. A 5 year structural guarantee will also be provided by the builder.
How many different types of houses and what are the sizes?
There are 3 unit types with different finish options. Roofing can be a choice of either thatch or tile. The sizes of the houses are 87m2, 109m2 and 142m2
Will there be a Home Owners Association?
What sort of levies will I expect to pay?
Current levy is R750 per month.
Will I be able to rent out my unit?
Yes. People often require accommodation for a weekend, or even weeks at a time during holiday periods.